e-Stewards: Mitigating the impact on human health from toxic materials in electronics.

e-Stewards is a program to certify companies who collect and transport electronics, so that more and more companies are recycling and refurbishing in a globally responsible manner.

All certified e-Stewards 2.0 recyclers are both ISO 14001 certified and meet industry-specific requirements for globally responsible recycling and refurbishment of computers, mobile devices and other electronic equipment.

Why it’s important

You can be confident that we do not allow toxic materials to enter the environment – or to be shipped or transported to other companies that would enable that to happen. We will protect your brand.

This certification is the most strictly regulated—and the hardest to obtain. Only about 80 companies worldwide have qualified. That makes Cohen one of the first companies to adhere to the strictest standards in recycling. And, we are one of the first to be dual certified to the latest versions of R2 and e-Stewards (2013 and 2.0 respectively).

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