Environmental Compliance

Proper Recycling

Illegal exporting, unsafe rural smelting overseas, and illegal dumping of electronic waste in developing countries are all improper ways obsolete electronics can harm the environment and people. Cohen has a strict downstream auditing process to ensure all our materials are handled properly. Responsible Recycling (R2) certification ensures your electronics are recycled in a safe, effective manner. Endorsed by both the Institute of Scrap Recycling (ISRI) and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the R2 standard helps regulate the recycling of electronics. Cohen will be one of only 100 companies certified in the United States.

Health and Safety

How we treat our employees is a direct reflection of how we treat our customers. We take pride that every process and procedure put in place is focused on creating and maintaining a healthy and safe environment for our employees to work. Our comprehensive Health & Safety program includes:

  • Daily discussion of safety topics
  • Weekly walk thru safety inspections by management
  • Hearing conservation group
  • Companywide flu vaccination
  • Air quality testing
  • Usage of safety equipment – hard hats, safety glasses, fluorescent uniforms, gloves, masks, etc.